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Midsummer night dream

In Ancient Greece, a girl called Hermia was in love with a man called Lysander. They escaped to a forest because her father wanted her to marry another man named Demetrius. Hernia’s friend Helena loved Demetrius so they also escaped to the same forest.
There they met an actor, Nick Bottom, who was putting up a play: midsummer’s night. King Oberon and Queen Titania were in fight. So king Oberon told his playful creature Puck to bring him some magic juice to spill in Titania’s eyes with the result that the one that Titania is going to see first would be the one that she would fall in love
with and king Oberon thought that he would be the first. But he wasn’t. Nick Bottom was. Then Puck tricked a little bit the company, so he also spilled a little bit of the juice into Lysander’s and Demetrius’s eyes. The result was that Lysander loved Helena and Demetrius Helena.

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Archaeological sites of Greece

Greece is a European country in the North East of Europe. Its capital is Athens a big and beautiful city with a lot of shops specially cafe shops and bakeries.Also Greece has got a lot of  archaeological sites  like the ancient Olympia,the Delphic oracle and the greatest of all:The Parthenon!!!Of course you should take a look at it!!


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